Year 5 Trip to Paris

On Thursday 30th March, Year 5 woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the Eurostar from London St. Pancras to Paris with six members of staff from St. Aidan’s. After a pleasant journey which included croissants we were treated to an informative and fun workshop at the The Cité de l’Architecture. Here pupils were able to put their own architectural skills to the test.

It was a beautiful sunny day (the first for a while) so we sat under the Arc De Triomphe and ate our packed lunches before heading off on a walk to take in some of the main sights in the area. Our day ended with a visit to some of the best creperies in the world before heading back home on the Eurostar from Gare du Nord. We arrived around 8pm – all tired but happy after a pleasant day out in France.IMG_0790IMG_0794


Journeys with the LPO

Year 5 had front row seats when they went to an amazing concert performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall. They heard a variety of pieces, each relating to the countries that the LPO have toured.

In preparation, the children listened to Ravel’s Empress of the Pagodas in class and produced paintings stimulated by Ravel’s Empress of the Pagodas.

February’s Writer of the Month

This month is Alfie! He has written the most beautiful sonnet. He chose the topic of the sonnet himself. How many syllables are in each line of a sonnet?



Romeo and the pretty Juliet

is the tale by Shakespeare I will tell you

it may be quite sad but please do not fret

it shows what being apart can do


The two family’s hate one and other

their artists have temperate galleries

Romeo and Juliet are lovers

but alas are from different families


Romeo goes to a masked party

where in the garden he meets his soul mate

but in a sad twist things get too barmy

and Romeo dies with his sleeping date


Juliet chose to pick up the red knife

and swiftly ended her very own life.

Year 5 Tudor Website Links

Just before half term, Year 5 finished creating their own blogs about our Tudor topic.

Click on each one to view! They are amazing and show how much we have learnt.

Year 5 Tudor Website Links